miércoles, febrero 10

pensamientos revoloteando entre tonos de pureza

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Jaime dijo...

Such chic photos...love the architecture/sculpture.

beauty comma dijo...

hi, i've recently started subscribing to your blog. it's simple and very elegant - i love the way you put matching images together!

{Flourish} dijo...

So lovely - so chic!


Arwen dijo...

Love love love your blog ! I tend to do patchwork too, once a week, but way more colorful, maybe you should go check !


Gudulina dijo...

¡Que sentimiento de paz provocan estas imagenes!
Me encantaria estar allí.

Giovanna&Roberta dijo...

Why don’t you come taking a look to our blog?
We’re two italian sisters, together we design handmade clothes and accessories!
This is our blog:
Feel free to leave comments, we’ll be very happy!
We can become followers for each other if you’de like.. now we’re following your blog and we added your blog among our favourite blog.. it's so pretty and stylish!

Maritza Teodoro dijo...

Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments. I've been having a hard time keeping up with my blogs lately. :( It's fashion week in NY and I have tons to do.
Giovanna and Roberta, I'll take a look at your blog and comment as soon as possible. I try to keep up with everyone's blogs as much as possible. I'm inspired by all of you. :)

cherryblossomgirl dijo...

Beauuuutiful collage!
I just love your blog, it is sooo lovely! ♥

plaisirs simples dijo...

BEAUTIFUL! such inspiration!

Anónimo dijo...

Gorgeous blog . . . so inspirational and elegant!!

LethaColleen dijo...

Absolutely, stupendously gorgeous! I’m so pleased to have stumbled across your blog…

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