viernes, enero 22

senderos a lejanas torres

1. Dusan Reljin via tfs, 2. Workshop, 3. Erice, 4. "Medieval Gates"

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Raincloud dijo...

Murky and silent. Really interesting.

Laura Trevey dijo...

I am in love with your blog... just found it!
I featured you in my post today on Bright, Bold, and Beautiful ~~

xo Laura

Maritza Teodoro dijo...

Thank you so much for featuring my blog, I'm truly humbled by the gesture!!! :)) You've made my day!!

cecilia dijo...

que belleza estos mosaicos que preparas como ramos, con imagenes que juntas como flores, con su nombres como poemas.
un beso

cecilia dijo...

suS nombres como poemas.

Rebecca Engel dijo...

hi :) i absolutely love your blog so i've deided to add it to my list of blogs that inspire, rebecca

Giovanna&Roberta dijo...

We are Giovanna and Roberta, two italian sisters that together create personal handmade clothes and accessories!
We’ve visited often your blog, we find it so lovely and very stylish.. we would like to make you know our creations, so take a look to our blog:

We’ve already added your link between our favorite blogs, we would love if you can add our link in your blog too!

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